Friday, May 9, 2008

House Tour

My house is a work in progress ALWAYS. I'm constantly changing things around and redecorating. My husband always jokes that a blind person couldn't live in our house because of my decorating habits. However, I can't HELP it. It's just something I LOVE to do.

So, I'm sharing recent pictures of my home. However, they will change as time goes on. But I will AGAIN share those changes.
We'll start with front entry way. (That's me taking pic's)
Great Place for Holiday Decorations!
This is the room that everyone complains they never use. (The formal living room)But SEE, my dogs get a lot of use out of it. Most of my pictures will have dogs in them. I have 3 dogs, but that's a whole different blog. (
Dining room.
Family room.
Kitchen. Yes, that is a GREAT big jar of dog treats.

This blog was designed to collect my many pictures of beautiful homes. I'm always getting inspiration somewhere and need a place to gather them. So enjoy!


Pajama Mama said...

Thanks for the tour! It's so fun to see and get new ideas! loved the ikea coffee table solution!

Laura said...

What a fun tour! Again beautiful home! I laughed when I saw the big jar of dog treats, we had one of those too but unfortunately we had to give up our dog because she was getting aggressive with the baby and now the treat jar is filled with animal crackers!

Laura :)

The Berry Patch said...
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Berry Family said...
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Anonymous said...

For another time you could put your furniture on angles, it makes for an intimate setting.

Just a thought, I know I like to move mine around now and again.

Lovely the way it is

Marlene said...

beautiful home! love it!

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