Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Unbalancing act & award...

I'm not one for video games. Let's face it, I'm 35 years old and have a million and one things to do. The "one" being blogging.

So, my husband thought that by purchasing the Wii Fit, he could seduce me into this lazy, no good sport of video games.

Well I tried it. What harm could come from playing a game that's supposed to help you get fit. Right?

Wrong! Let's just say I'm ready to throw it out the window. My Wii age is 53. Can you believe it? It's not my weight or BMI, in fact both of those were normal, it's the balancing part that throws me into the 53 range.

In big RED letters it says "you are unbalanced". NICE!

So after I leave the dumb game machine behind I go and check my email. Low and behold there is an email from Debbie at Ribbonwood Cottage. She has given me an award. Yeah Debbie!

Would she have given me the award knowing I'm unbalanced? I'm sure she would. She is such a sweet lady. I truly enjoy her blog!

Thank you Debbie!

P.S. The beautiful person doing the perfect yoga pose at the beginning of this post is NOT me. She is much prettier and much more balanced. I tried taking a picture of me balancing.... my entire family was laughing including the dogs.

P.S.S. Please leave me a comment telling me how wrong the Wii Fit is...or telling me how unbalanced people are super pretty with lots of great ideas... or just leave me a comment so I feel better. :-)

Thank you in advance.



Anonymous said...

I think it's all that creativity floating around in there that throws you off balance. At least, that's what I would tell people. ;)

But, how cool is it that you got an award. Of course you deserve every bit of adoration that is sure to follow.

And I think that if I'm pulling out pumpkins, you should too. But that's just me. -- Brandi

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Brandee,
I've been thinking of getting one of these. Do you get a half way decent work out?
It would be nice to have something I actually want to do here at home!

Marie said...

Congrats on your award!!

I think I'm the only person left in North America without a Wii! I am sure we will have one by Christmas though. :o/ I'm scared to find out what MY Wii age is... yikes. :o)

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! I don't even want to know what my wii age is! It's probably a nonexistent number!
Congrats on the award. You so deserve it!!!

Laura said...

Congrats on your award!! Don't give up on the Wii fit yet, I am counting on you to motivate me when we finally get one! I am afraid to find out my Wii age too, I will probably be 100!

Laura :)

Cherry's Jubilee said...

You deserve the award..and the stinkin Wii's trying to grab the get fit group...isn't that like an oxymoron? A video game used for fitness? I would rather go out and walk. I don't think I would want to know my wii age..but than again its a video game tellin ya this...cherry

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hey finished the book....she wrapped it up in a nice neat bow.....nothing unexpected easy to figure out. I didn't like the whole jacob and Renesmee thing...thought it was wereid. cherry

Darlene said...

To heck with what that Wii says....I'm with the other Brandi...it is all that creativity that throws you off balance. I'm sure you are a very balanced person...lol.. My age on the Wii would probably be about 80!!

We have also talked about getting one....do you like yours?

Congratulations on your award I love your blog too!!!

aj said...

You crack me up Brandi! I do NOT want to know my wii fit age! I have been thinking I need this game though! It has to be better than doing nothing! Oh, and if it makes you feel better, I have had a balance nerve removed during brain surgery. The other side of your brain is supposed to compensate for it. HA! Imagine me after a few cocktails:)

Rae said...


Second, um, well, I have NOT had the courage to even try the wii. (Marie's not alone; we do not have one either!) I can only imagine what it would do to me or what I might do to it!

Mrs. Trixi said...

I have thought about getting a WII fit for our P.E. for school. I don't know that I want one know. Usually, we run or walk but I thought that a WII would be good for winter months.
That is a perfect award for you, as I too, love your blog!!!

a day in the life of bella said...

lol, that's funny....we just got a Wii Fit last week...and I have yet to try it, but I just know the results will not be good, I need to have my ds show me how to work it, I bet my family and cat will be laughing at me ;)


abeachcottage said...

my hubby bought me one of those too, the worst thing ever, I've used it once, those annoying little comic people too and the irritating voice and accent, terrible waste of money that I'm sad about

Shannon said...

I'm 26 and my "fit" age was 47!

Bella's momma said...

Congratulations on your reward~ it is hard to be so loved and keep it all in 'Balance' :)

Have a wonderful day,


Rue said...

Hi Brandee :)

You are too funny LOL I'm not unbalanced, but I am overweight. Can I trade you? ;)

Congratulations on your award!

My favorite part of the house in your last post was the closet. DREAMY! :)


Megan said...

i know that you have no idea who i am... i came across your blog after finding The Nester and her mistreatment ideas!

Just to make you feel a little better - my wii age was 61.


cute page!

Susie Harris said...

Man... I thought you were 23... feel better? That dumb game it's broken... hope you get to feeling your young balanced self tommorow!

Kylene said...

Good for people to know.

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