Thursday, July 17, 2008


My husband and I have moved a lot in our short 10 1/2 years together. In fact, we have moved 7 times. We lived in Reno, NV about 7 years ago and although this is one of the smallest houses we lived in, it's one of my favorite.

The previous owners had faux painted the walls orange and cream. Once the plumber called it orange sherbet. Thank you Mr. plumber man. I thought I would eventually paint over it but got so many compliments (besides the plumber) I decided to leave it.

This was the view from the front entryway. You walked right into the formal living room. In my case, it was the casual/computer room.

I loved all the natural light in this house. I had so many house plants. The real kind.

The plants on top of the cabinets are real.

I loved this fire place. You just turned it on by a switch and watched your gas bill sky rocket.

These window toppers were done by the previous owners. They were super simple! Yes, I dissected them. She just used a small board and nailed them into the wall.

This was the hallway. I got this idea from the previous owners. Otherwise I wouldn't have thought to place a table here.

Guest bathroom.

Master bedroom. I painted this room 3 times and still didn't like the color.

Master bathroom.

Daughters room. Oh I loved her room when she was little. It was so frilly with dolls and ruffles. I actually made her window topper and bedding.

Kevin's room. My neighbor painted the mural.

I painted the gorilla. My neighbor said it looked more like a dog.

Well, thank you for walking down memory lane with me. I plan on showing another former house soon. I just have to gather the pictures.


Bella said...

I love your rooms and your decorative touches, it so warm and inviting. I think your Gorilla looks just fine, I bet it was fun to work on that room :)

Darlene said...

Girl, I know you are a professional decorator!!! That house was beautiful too. You definately have that decorator touch!!

Susie Harris said...

Girlfriend... I loved that house... Oh the windows..real live plants..did I say windows... I love windows... We have a gas fireplace too... never use it now.. When we built the house we made sure it could do both.. gas and wood.. Thanks for that tour. You are a fast tour guide. I take it slow one room at a time.. Hint.. it take sme that long just to get it clean, smile.. Susie

Cheryl said...

That was fun Brandee, made me wish I would of taken pictures of all of my 21 or so houses! Great idea!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Your room is so pretty and airry looking! Love the mural behind the couch! ~Rhonda :)

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

I meant to say rooms....instead of room! ooppps! Beautiful home! :)

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Breathtaking home! Wow, great rooms and decor :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am glad to see someone else painting a room 3 times and still not liking it. :)

Bonita said...

Where do you buy your furniture? I love the color and style of the wood. All that natural light is so beautiful. Nice house!

maria said...

Ii love the picture of the master bedroom, it's so invintingly calm!


maria said...

Ii love the picture of the master bedroom, it's so invintingly calm!


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